Venue Photographer

When capturing the details of the venue is important, you need a specialist. This is what we produce:

This is whay we produce for Luxury Wedding and Event Venue Photography

versus what others produce:

This is what a normal venue photographer would produce.

The difference is clear.

We photograph your event venue and details using high dynamic range (HDR) photographs to produce extraordinary images that have amazing tonal range, sharpness, and clarity. High-end wedding and event coordinators who plan luxury six figure plus events have a business need to insure that their clients have amazing venue and detail photographs to record their celebration. In addition, these event professionals have a desire for such images to promote and market their services so they stand out from others. We fill that need in the market.

We specialize in HDR event venue photography that produce the extraordinary venue photographs that your creative work deserves.

Let's take weddings for example. High end weddings normally have more than one wedding photographer and videographer to record the wedding and associated activities. With so much expense invested in the venue, it is prudent for the bride to engage photography services dedicated to the venue. Having a dedicated venue photographer who specilizes in event venue and detailed photography insures that those images will be given top priority, and not the first thing to get slighted when the schedule slips and the wedding photographer time is compressed. It is a wise investment of a few percent in order to insure you have premium quality photographs of your celebration venue.

Venue Photography

With the utmost in professional service, we will photograph your event venue and details using our high dynamic range (HDR) cameras and proprietary techniques to produce equisite photographs that are worthy of being a standalone art piece. By using HDR, we can record a wider tonal range than ordinary cameras can produce. This results in details in both the darkest and lightest part of the photographs. We will provide high resolution digital images approximately one week after the event with the appropriate business license so you can use the images in your marketing and promotional activities royalty free.

Should you need these images during the event so they can be released to the press, social media or other purposes, we can process and deliver the images onsite for an additional charge based on your specific requirements.

We are located in Kentucky and available for U.S. domestic travel.

We are members of Professional Photographers of America.

For celebrity and proprietary events, confidentiality is assured.

Our commissions start at $2000.

Top Reasons To Engage Our Venue Photography Services

  1. With the bulk of the event expense being placed into the venue, superior quality photographs are a must!
  2. Your hard work and planning deserves the best images possible.
  3. You are fulfilling a need that your clients didn't even know they had. That is why they hired you.
  4. Quick turnaround -- you will get your images fast.
  5. Make your marketing and promotional material stand out from the crowd with amazing photographs from your events. If you are going to a distinguished service provider in your area or segment, your presentation needs to be top tier.

Contact Information

Let's get the ball rolling. Give us a call, James Cook Photography, (502) 867-5799 so we can discuss your exact requirements and provide you with a quote. Let us show you how a luxury event photographer can contribue to your celebration. If you prefer, you can contact the studio via email at


Venue Photography using HDR and other proprietary techniques


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